How to build a strong learning culture post-Covid

Global research study uncovers how HR and learning leaders can build a strong learning culture post-Covid.

Surveying 2,400 workers in 15 global markets, Degreed’s How The Workforce Learns 2021 report, unpacks the value of positive workplace learning experiences at a time when business leaders are grappling with challenges like the great job migration and skills shortages.

The report uncovers the critical areas impacting the learning experience for workers in 2021. Increasingly, employees want guidance on how and what to learn, especially as economic and political uncertainty are impacting the jobs market. A strong learning culture is key to improving the employee experience and driving business growth, due to its links to skill development, agility, responsiveness, and revenue.

In particular, How the Workforce Learns 2021 has found:

  • Companies with positive learning cultures, on average, perform more skillfully, have more agile teams, adapt more rapidly to change, and grow revenue faster than competitors.
  • Four conditions are present for promoters and largely absent for detractors - guidance on how and what to learn, diverse development experiences, feedback, and opportunities to apply and stretch skills.
  • Promoters are more motivated to learn in order to perform better in their current roles and prepare for future roles. Detractors are motivated to learn only to fulfil requirements.
  • Employees in negative learning cultures are nearly 90% more likely to say they do not have any learning or career goals.
  • In a positive learning culture, skills are rated more often and by more than just a HR team — workers receive feedback from peers, managers and external providers.
  • Promotions matter, but they are not the only kind of mobility. To create a positive learning culture, L&D teams need to offer opportunities to work with other teams, take on temporary internal gigs, and more.

The findings provide an overview of learning and employee experience in the post-pandemic era. Now, more than ever, learning and HR leaders improve the employee experience and worker retention by implementing a positive learning culture.

Discover more about How The Workforce Learns 2021 here.

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